Thursday, September 27, 2012

Percival Ravenwood Cordially Invites You...

I have decided to split off all dark entries from this blog to their new dark home, hosted by the most noble of gentlemen, Percival Ravenwood, Esq.

Percival has been gracious enough to take in all black ambient, experimental, Halloweeen-themed, and literature posts from this Hardcore Math User blog.  All existing posts will remain active, but will contain redirect links instead of content.

It was time, really.  I was trying to do too much at once, and at bottom Hardcore Math User is really about original dance music recordings from my days as a signed artist, and retro electronica mixtapes.  Think of Percival Ravenwood, Esq. as a dark spinoff.

So go take a tour of Percival's dank drawing rooms and unfinished cellars.  There are hidden passageways and haunted cupboards, and the help is always at hand.

It's just in time for Halloween.

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