Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3 Second Rule (3 Second Delay Mix)

Two friends of mine dared me to watch this video by Lisa Gail Allred on the same day, so I did.  The chatter was that we had another Rebecca Black on our hands, so I stopped what I was doing and watched the video right away.

Cut to me loving Lisa Gail Allred.

Yeah, Rebecca Black just got served.  Lisa Gail Allred's fame might not reach the fever pitch that Black did last summer, but there isn't any denying her lack-of-talent-as-a-novelty-talent appeal.

I loved her song The 3 Second Rule so much, I made a remix.  As I do.

Lisa Gail Allred - 3 Second Rule (3 Second Delay Mix).mp3

Bad is the new good.  Remixed.