Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Head Fuck

Remember Rebecca Black's Friday?  The one that got covered by Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon?  Well, Ark Music Factory is at it again.

This time, instead of recounting the days of the week, their new pre-teen icon Nicole Westbrook reviews the year's holidays, landing on Thanksgiving.  And we are, she assures us, going to have a good time.

Yeah, I had to remix it.

Nicole Westbrook - It's Thanksgiving (Hardcore Math User's Buzz Kill Remix).mp3

I'm not sure why, but I'm deeply impressed by Ark's formula.  I'm trying to think of another production team that's shot to such an insanely high level of fame (infamy?) in such a short period of time, and I can't.  They're repeating almost verbatim the list of ingredients that went into Friday, with the notable exception of letting the young female vocalist of the moment handle her own rapping duties.  (The rapper dude from Friday is relegated to backing vocals, and makes for a hilarious addition to Nicole's Thanksgiving party in the official video.)  Notice a complete lack of huge record label here, by the way.

I'm also ashamed to admit that I find the entire thing endearing, in a sick, twisted kind of way.  I mean, the girl has no idea what she's doing when she tries to get all street with her rap skills -- and by "street" I mean "Christian, upper-middle class, gated cul-de-sac".  Yet somehow the video finds a group of friends enjoying each other and themselves in a disarmingly innocent way.

Fuck you for making me love you, Ark Music Factory.  Just fuck you.

(Be sure to check out my remix of Rebecca Black's Friday while you're at it.)