Sunday, August 28, 2011

Favorite Album of Summer 2011

I've clawed my way through stacks of CDs this summer and reignited my love for rock and roll and the full-length album.  I've listened to bands I've never heard of.  I've given old bands another chance.  I've spent way too much time looking at what "customers also bought" at Amazon and the iTunes Store.

I think it's time I cop to the album that made me its bitch this summer.  My initial take was so-so.  It took more than a few listens to finally win me over, and now I can say that the album I loved the most over the last few months has been Van She's 2008 debut V.

Here are some highlights:

It's a rare thing that an album can consistently blow my face off after even the tenth listen.  Check these guys out as soon as fucking possible.  

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