Friday, July 29, 2011

Top Free Downloads

In light of the whole going legit thing, I thought it might be nice to put all of my top exclusive downloads in one place.  Old posts with illegal music links have been neutered, and who wants to claw through hundreds of pages to find the good stuff?

Here are the best of the exclusive downloads from this music blog.  All downloads are 100% free and legal.  Some are remixes, some are mixtapes, some are original songs, and some are... um... unclassifiable.

Mixtapes are considered legit if they involve any level of original production, in light of Girl Talk's fair-play blitzkreig.  The mixes listed below are not just playlists;  I spent dozens of hours on each and every one, and all include exclusive material not available anywhere else. 

I will continue to update this master list as new material is released. 




Don't forget to check out my dark ambient projects over at Percival Ravenwood's blog, my backlog of awkward 90s electronica, and some tracks I did as a signed recording artist.

Hardcore Math User is now officially too legit to quit.

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