Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Caspian - Otoño Perpetuo

Somewhere in the midst of working for an independent dance music record label in San Francisco, I was introduced to the nice kids at Om Records.  I was offered the chance to write an original track for Om Lounge Vol IV, and I jumped at it.

Caspian - Otono Perpetuo.mp3

This was my first, and pretty much only, whack at mid-tempo future jazz.  But as far as professional, serious music recording goes, this truly was my finest hour as a producer.

Thank you Chris Smith of Om Records and Oli Goss of Cosmic Flux Music for pushing me to always go beyond my self-imposed limits.

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Jason Herrboldt said...

They played this song over the sound system at the Southdale Herberger's today! I feel like such a star!