Friday, April 29, 2011

Nuyorican Soul - Runaway

A taste of summer.

Runaway (Mongoloids In Space Remix)
Runaway (Mousse T's Jazz Funk Experience)

India really won me over on this one.  I was not a fan of her earlier work with the MAW boys, but they constructed the perfect environment for her old-school, show tune vocal style to really hit the mark.

Armand Van Helden is the Mongoloid In Space.  He turned out many classic remixes in the mid to late 90's, but this one always brought me to the dance floor.  To this day I cannot hear this remix without peeing a little bit.  Mousse T serves up a smooth soulful house version worthy of the most lavish after party.

Two truly great remixes of a truly great song.  Along with Sandy B's Make The World Go Round, this was my favorite song of 1997.  And that's no small feat, considering 1997 was also the year of New Forms.

Play them vibes.

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