Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rebecca Black - yadirF

This is my tribute to the pop genius of Rebecca Black.  It is a looped version of her viral music sensation Friday played backwards.

Rebecca Black - Friday (Hardcore Math User Reloop).mp3

If you haven't seen the Friday video yet, you should stop whatever you're doing and watch it here now.  It becomes instantly clear that a 13 year old has succeeded in beating Ke$ha at her own game.

Although the video is a montage of teenage silliness and the song itself makes Tik Tok's inanity seem like a forgivable transgression by comparison, Ms. Black doesn't lose her steady poise for a second.  She seems to possess a natural royalty lost to most pop singers, and she brings the classy with her gesture to donate proceeds of her song to Japan.

If Rebecca Black does blow up like a Mylie or a Taylor -- and there's every sign that she is well on her way -- we may have finally found a young celebrity who will not go the way of a Britney or a Lindsay.

Fuck the haters.  I love Rebecca Black.

[Edit to said haters: Lady Gaga and Simon Cowell have my back on this one.  So does E!Online.]

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