Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hardcore Math User To Go Legit

Rumor has it that Hardcore Math User's music blog will soon feature only exclusive content.

He's been in school and off the grid for the last few years, and will soon graduate.  This means job interviews, and this in turn means his true identity will be revealed and Googled.  That will bring prospective employers to this very blog, and eyebrows will be raised.  Or not.

Sharing music online is a no-no.  Hardcore Math User gets away with it because he is small-fry.  But given enough attention, anyone can be sued into oblivion for hosting a tiny music blog.  HMU has enjoyed the opportunity to share music with his friends and fans (all eight of them), and he will continue to post original material and commentary well into the future.  (Science comes first, but music is a close fucking second.)

Links to original songs, remixes, mixtapes and other exclusive content will remain active and free.  See the top free downloads here

So enjoy the wide range of downloads on this music blog while you can, for many of them will be gone with the boys of summer.  The last links should be gone by the end of August, 2011.  [Edit: The last illegitimate link was removed on July 29th, 2011. When possible, direct mp3 download links have been switched to YouTube video links.]

Fun fact: The most downloaded song on this blog is Elizabeth Fraser's duet with Jeff Buckley, followed by my remixes of Steely Dan's Peg and Limahl's Neverending Story.


ash966 said...

Have you heard this one, J? It reminds me of Neverending Story (in a good way):


Jason Herrboldt said...

@ash966: No, I'd not heard it before today. I can see what you mean, tho!