Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bay B Kane On CD

I fell madly in love with Bay B Kane about five minutes after jungle hit the U.S.  In 1993 I memorized every second of his Forwards In Reverse EP, and I slammed down $40 for Guardians Of Ruff in 1994, sound unheard.

Shortly thereafter I picked up two CD box sets, helpfully titled Best Of Jungle and Best Of Jungle '95.  I saw Bay B Kane's name here and there on the enclosed CDs, and was grateful to have a few digital copies of drum & bass history.

Little did I know. is a dangerous place.  You know all those bands you loved as a teenager and into your early 20s?  Now you can look up everything about them.  Who was in them, where they recorded, offshoots you've never heard of, and bonus tracks hidden away on obscure compilation CDs that you now must have.  I made the mistake of looking up Bay B Kane's name there last week, and I'm only just emerging now.

Most of his early work was vinyl-only.  I was able to rip a few gems loose from YouTube, but the audio is pretty awful.  What really got my attention was his list of pseudonyms.  Bay B Kane (Mel Jalal Tanur) is known as Code K, Double T, Icon, Intelligent Jungalist, Kid Thunder, Parallel, Rinca, as well as a few group efforts.  Imagine my surprise when I learned that I've had some of his early work on CD this whole time.

Bay B Kane On

Folder includes

* Bay B Kane - Jungle Warriors '95
* Code K - Barehedd One
* Darkenator - The Warning
* Intelligent Jungalist - Double Barrel
* Kane & The Paraquat - Addikshun
* Kid Thunder - Scorpions Theme
* Nu-Matic - Hard Times

[Edit: Found another one: In Perfection - Expression (Bay B Kane Remix).mp3]

That last one by Nu-Matic really got me, not because it was released in 1992, but because I've had it since 1992 and I never knew it was him.  No, it's not nearly as good as his peak years, but it's Bay B Kane in 1992.  Excuse me while I switch pants.

Anyway, it's a real treat to re-experience one of the most brilliant minds of the early drum & bass movement in crystal-clear CD audio.  Hope you find this collection as tasty as I do.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rare Altern 8 B-Sides

Every aging raver worth his salt remembers Altern 8.  Their sound is immediately identifiable with early 90's rave madness, along with other crossover acts like Smart E's and Prodigy.

Here are two unforgettable and timeless b-sides from their Everybody EP.

Domain 8 (Origin 8 In Detroit Mix)
Underground (8 Till L-8 Mix)

Domain 8 finds the group on a one-way ticket to a Detroit trance party, while Underground keeps the breakbeat hysteria alive from the other side of the pond.

Two more gems from the back of the cr-8.

Monday, February 14, 2011

KLF - The White Room (Bootleg Jungle Remix)

I rediscovered KLF's The White Room while digging through the crates for my old-school jungle mixtape.  Not only did it bring back tons of memories, it scaled up nicely to 170 bpm.  I punished it with classic jungle drum loops and now it's all ready for the mix.

KLF - The White Room (Hardcore Math User Remix).mp3

KLF - The White Room (Original Version).mp3

I pulled an all-nighter for this one.  I can barely hold my eyes open, but such is the labor of love.  Sometimes the muse just won't take no for an answer. 

This is my valentine to 1991.