Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mighty Dub Katz - Just Another Groove (Vocal Edit)

I'd like to say that this is not your father's house music, but unfortunately, it is.  Even back in the late 90's I heard the kids talk about "dad house."  (I shudder to think how they refer to it now.)

This track is so old, the people who grew up listening to it as children are now in college.  Sadly, I remember throwing my hands up in the air to this massive club anthem the year it came out.  In fact, with the exceptions of Sandy B's Make The World Go Round and the entirety of New Forms, this was my favorite song of 1997.  (Seriously, fuck Rockafella Skank.)  My only complaint was that the epic vocals were too fleeting.  So, with the magic of audio editing software, we may now enjoy a more vocaly version.

The Mighty Dub Katz - Just Another Groove (Vocal Edit)

The wizard behind the curtain of course is Fatboy Slim.  I never liked him all that much, mostly because the hype reached utterly ridiculous levels before the 90's wore off.  Nonetheless, I respected him from a distance.  This is the only song of his I've gone out of my way to download, and it popped in my mind for no reason yesterday.

So here it is.

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