Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Caspian - Jeweler's Dive EP

One of the benefits of hosting a free music blog is foisting my own songs on a captive audience.  This is one of those moments. Lucky you.

In 1998 I recorded a song called Jeweler's Dive.  It was one of only a few jazz-inspired drum and bass tracks I made during the late 90's.  An edited version enjoyed a mini-celebrity on Terminal Beats, a compilation released by indie jungle Chicago outfit Forte Recordings.  (Old school ruffians will remember Midwest legends 3D and Snuggles.)

The following year I remixed the song for another indie dance music label in San Francisco, Cosmic Flux.  I was really into Earth Wind and Fire during this period of my life (believe it), and was deliriously happy to manage to fold samples from the gorgeous New World Symphony into the bridge of the remix.  Sadly, Cosmic Flux chose to pass.  It was an ironic choice, considering the original version of Jeweler's Dive was on the demo that got me signed to them in the first place.

Folder includes:

(Also available as a zip.)

The original was done on an Ensoniq ASR-10, and the remix was made with Cakewalk and an Akai S2000.  They both sound fairly simplistic and dated by today's standards, but they were both important steps in finding my sea legs as a producer.  My love for drum and bass managed to survive the last fifteen years intact, but I've never been further away from jazz in my life.

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