Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Wrap Up

Fuck off to all 41 people who downloaded my 2010 Halloween mixtape, whoever you are.  With the 41 downloads and the 200 hand-distributed CDs, I'm on my way to breaking last year's record of 253.  (I wish I knew how many copies wound up in the trash where they belong.)

It was a labor of smut, and I'm already dreading next year's.  (Stay tuned for an upload of the 2007 Halloween mixtape by request.)  Each successive mix gets more and more original, less and less sampley.  It's entirely possible that next year's mix will consist of 100% original material.  (Me barfing on dying homeless trannies is one idea being kicked around.)

By the way: If you listened to the entirety of this year's mix, you'll be dead within a week.  Not that anyone will miss you.

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ash966 said...

Oh noes! I'm sooo scared!