Tuesday, September 28, 2010

God OD 12"

Now here's a band I tap way too much.  They were all over my Techno Acid Meltdown and Robot Dub Killer mixtapes earlier this year, but my relationship with MBM goes all the way back to the late 1980s.

The first time I heard them was -- I'm sure you guessed it -- on cassette.  A friend coped a bunch of their early works for me, and I took the tape out for an acid bike ride across the Twin Cities.  (What is it with me and the acid stories?)  So my first experience with MBM's undefinable Storm The Studio was in daze of sweat and micro dots that I'll never forget.  Shortly thereafter I went out and grabbed every CD and 12" single that I could lay my grubby little hands on, bought a fat quarter bag, and hunkered down.

God OD is the only single I've been able to find from the Storm The Studio period.  I'm also particularly fond of Re-Animator Part 1, which was not included in the God OD 12".  I'm including it because there are a few early David Bowie samples, and the Bowie references have been coming fast and furious lately.  It's for my boyfriend, really.  (Hi, Tom.)

Anyway, cheers.  Three more days 'til my Halloween mixtape drops.

Silver Shamrock.

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