Tuesday, September 28, 2010

God OD 12"

Now here's a band I tap way too much.  They were all over my Techno Acid Meltdown and Robot Dub Killer mixtapes earlier this year, but my relationship with MBM goes all the way back to the late 1980s.

The first time I heard them was -- I'm sure you guessed it -- on cassette.  A friend coped a bunch of their early works for me, and I took the tape out for an acid bike ride across the Twin Cities.  (What is it with me and the acid stories?)  So my first experience with MBM's undefinable Storm The Studio was in daze of sweat and micro dots that I'll never forget.  Shortly thereafter I went out and grabbed every CD and 12" single that I could lay my grubby little hands on, bought a fat quarter bag, and hunkered down.

God OD is the only single I've been able to find from the Storm The Studio period.  I'm also particularly fond of Re-Animator Part 1, which was not included in the God OD 12".  I'm including it because there are a few early David Bowie samples, and the Bowie references have been coming fast and furious lately.  It's for my boyfriend, really.  (Hi, Tom.)

Anyway, cheers.  Three more days 'til my Halloween mixtape drops.

Silver Shamrock.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Politics Of Ecstacy

The first time I heard songs from Psychic TV's acid period, I was hanging out at a friend's house higher than fuck on LSD and weed.  In a daze I wandered down to the basement den of the house, grabbed a tape at random, and played it on their stereo.  It was a bad copy of Psychic TV's epic Tune In (Turn On Thee Acid House) EP.  I was glued to the speakers.  It reprogrammed my brain in ways I'm still trying to figure out.

I was hooked.  I tracked down any project related to Psychic TV that I could find.  Fortunately, we had some kick-ass record stores in Minneapolis in the late 80's (imports galore), and I managed to get my hands on Jack The Tab and Tekno Acid Beat before the experimenting-with-acid period of my life sputtered out.  (I still haven't forgiven myself for selling my original pressing of Tekno Acid Beat for drug money.)

This EP showcases some of the finer moments of Jack The Tab.  I hope the flashbacks never, ever end.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Season Of The Witch

The season is almost upon us, and my 2010 Halloween mixtape is almost complete.  It will drop no later than October 1st

Last night I watched one of my favorite worst/best horror films, Halloween III: The Season Of The Witch.  Some of the audio bits inspired me to do one last quick crash-up for the mixtape, and I thought I'd share it with you here as a sneak peek.  You'll surely recognize the uber-annoying Silver Shamrock theme from your misspent youth.

Father Morning - The Third Commercial (Unmixed Version).mp3

(Father Morning is the chosen name for my alter-ego this time around.  Last year it was The Silly Doctor.)

I hope you enjoy this piece of b-movie audio trash as much as I enjoyed tossing it together.  Father Morning enjoys tossing a nice salad.

Broken/Head Over Heels (Preacher Mix)

This one took some real digging.  The best copy I could find was still far from CD quality.  Were it any other song, I would have stopped looking.

Head Over Heels is the same as the album version as far as I can tell, but Broken is extended.  Very lovely.

Tears For Fears - Broken/Head Over Heels (Preacher Mix)

I wish I had purchased this one the first time around!