Friday, August 20, 2010

Howard Jones - The Balance Of Love (Give & Take)

I remember buying Howard Jones' One To One on cassette at a suburban mall record store all done up in pink triangles and green claw slashes.  I was 13 and completely in love with the (by then) ubiquitous Things Can Only Get Better.  Oddly the copy of One To One I wound up with didn't have You Know I Love You... Don't You? or (the insufferable) No One Is To Blame.  I seem to remember those coming out a bit later.

Howard Jones - The Balance Of Love (Give And Take)

Anyway, I couldn't find the MP3s from One To One anywhere (legally or otherwise) so as a last resort I ordered a used copy of the CD from Amazon.  Listening to these songs again is a revelation.  Most are dippy, some are fantastic.  This was the opening track on the cassette, and easily my favorite song that year.  It still sounds fresh and original to me now.

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