Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adam F - Music In My Mind EP

I remember the way my life changed when Goldie prodigy Adam F dropped his full-length CD Colours.  At the time I was carrying my own PA system to dj at local clothing stores and trying my hand at jazz-influenced drum and bass at home.  I must have played Colours on a daily basis for six months.  (I still haven't recovered from Andy C's fucktartedly awesome remix of Circles.)  Colours was at the absolute pinnacle of intelligent drum and bass, right up there with D'Cruze's Control, Goldie's Timeless, and Alex Reece's So Far.

Here is one of the best songs on Colours, released as an EP in 1998 with some snacky remixes.

Adam F - Music In My Mind

Folder includes

The single moves seamlessly from a robot torch song to a sci-fi adventure, from a dark jazz jitterbug to a door knocking house anthem.  At the time I was heavily consuming tracks by Blame (longstanding member of the ubiquitous Good Looking empire) and Deep Dish, so this single is really a perfect microcosm of all the things that went right with electronic dance music in the second half of the nineties.  This CD single is, in many ways, the gold standard.

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