Saturday, December 5, 2009

Origin Of Breaks

I have drum & bass in my blood. I've loved it and followed it ever since its first incarnations in the early 90s. Since then my tastes have drifted away from dance music, but I always check back from time to time with the massive drum & bass mix database to make sure the kids are still holding it the fuck down. (They are.)

So a few years ago I decided to look up as many breakbeats as I possibly could, in their original contexts, at their original tempos, and throw them all together in one five minute long history lesson.

Jason Herrboldt - Origin Of Breaks.mp3

As with the last mix posted, I no longer have access to the artists and song titles. But if you're a true b-boy or girl, you shouldn't even need to ask. If you're not, then yeah. You've been schooled. Breakbeat started in the 60s, motherfuckers.

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