Monday, October 5, 2009

You've Been Sick

This post has been moved to my new dark music / lit blog, Percival Ravenwood, Esq.

The new link for this post is here.


Kenny said...

Hey, this is outstanding. I'm having a halloween party soon, and I'm definitely going to play this.

Thanks for the cool tracks.

Troy said...

Re: You've Been Sick
"Is a mind fuck of an audio journey that paints a twisted picture in your head of complete madness!

J. said...

Very cool. Thanks for the tracks!

ash966 said...

I just saw Prince of Darkness, it makes an awesome audio snippet.

Exold said...

An excellent mix! Thanks^2. Drove me crazy for a few months, when I couldn't remember, and couldn't find, whence I had gotten it :).