Saturday, October 10, 2009

European Gods

I don't want to get too lost in idol worship, but I will go on record now: if I ever meet the two dudes responsible for these European musical forces, I will immediately fall to my knees and proceed to lick their sweaty balls.

La Legion is a now-defunct Italian death metal band fronted by Gianluca Fontana, who has since formed the equally fantastic Enough To Kill. (MySpace audio streaming here and here.) Death metal meets thoughtful songwriting and oodles of technical prowess.

Dapnom is one of many creative arms of the enigmatic Meldhkwis, who breaks new ground while offering a slight nod to Aphex Twin's ambient days. (MySpace audio streaming here, interview here.) The best black ambient this side of the Styx.

These two relatively obscure European artists are completely blowing my mind this week, and I mean that part about the sweaty ball licking. I mean, just look at dude from Enough To Kill. Hello.

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