Monday, June 22, 2009

Mike Bennett's Hall Of Mirrors

I love talk radio, but lately I've been shifting away from news and politics. At one point, only a few months ago, I was subscribing to almost a dozen political podcasts.

Then, for some reason unknown to me, they all started to sound the same: like one big, long, boring drone. (Also the spinning was starting to piss me off more than usual for some reason.)

So I abandoned most of those 12 podcasts, kept the two or three I can't live without, and dispatched myself on a voyage of experimental music podcasts and audio books. Fiction seems suddenly important for some reason.

One of the first audio book podcasts I stumbled upon at the iTunes store wound up being an instant favorite. I highly recommend Mike Bennett's Hall of Mirrors series, any of them. I'm particularly fond of the four-part Salvation series, which kept me entertained during my mail-run walks about campus all last week.

Mike, who writes the stores as well as reads them, has a voice that is perfectly suited to the dark yet whimsical nature of the tales he tells. His British accent drips with faux-Dickensian malice and not a little naughty pleasure.

So I offer my thanks to Mr. Bennett. He is a breath of fresh air to someone who's been suffocating on non-fiction talking podcasts for far, far too long, and his stories leave me utterly delighted.

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