Sunday, June 14, 2009

Caspian - Getting Over EP

In 2004 I made a strong effort to break away from a certain unnamed San Francisco indie dance label, and this involved making a demo. I only made 100 copies, and wound up giving most of them away as promos. The EPs consisted of four jazz and soul infused house gems in the spirit of Naked Music NYC.

I did not wind up landing a deal with another dance music label, but I did wind up with a nice collection of what was to be my last EP before all my gear got ripped off in 2006. Here is the EP for your consideration and enjoyment.

Peace out.

[Update 12/2016: just found the Getting Over remix parts in some old computer files.]

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Anonymous said...

I just listened to a couple of your songs again and you were sooo ahead of your time. They sound better every year!! LYM