Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Caspian - Inside

This is the last track I recorded as Caspian back in 2004. I wish I could have finished this project and released it as an EP with remixes and B-sides, but life wound up taking me in a weird direction. Plus all my gear got ripped off two years later.

Anyway, here's the last official Caspian track. E-tones, this one's for you.


Mithra's Childhood Remixes

Sometimes I indulge my guilty pleasures by listening to long-lost music treasures of my youth. Mithra (of Sociopath Recordings) took it one step farther: he remixed them.

Sparkling with the wide-eyed optimism and playfulness that is the unmistakable mark of youth, Mithra reinvents five classic tracks from the 80's and 90's and offers them in one EP. All five tracks are available to download for free at the Internet Archive website.

I highly recommend each and every one.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Cyndi Lauper - She Bop (Dance Mix)

I actually saw this 12" single at a record store back in the mid-80's, and for some reason I'll never understand, I decided to buy something else.

I was all of fourteen and probably only had twenty dollars to my name, so painful decisions had to be made... but all this time I never forgot what the cover looked like.

This is one hit from the 80's that never seems to get old.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Caspian - Oak Street Bluesman EP

Here's an EP I finished well over 10 years ago, very much in the sprit of L.T.J. Bukem's Good Looking empire. (I had the honor of shaking Bukem's hand at the '99 Winter Music Conference, the year I dropped this EP. I haven't washed my hand since.)

Noite Sossegada was later released on the stunning Virtual Brazilia compilation, featuring works by Jazzanova and Miguel Migs.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mike Bennett's Hall Of Mirrors

I love talk radio, but lately I've been shifting away from news and politics. At one point, only a few months ago, I was subscribing to almost a dozen political podcasts.

Then, for some reason unknown to me, they all started to sound the same: like one big, long, boring drone. (Also the spinning was starting to piss me off more than usual for some reason.)

So I abandoned most of those 12 podcasts, kept the two or three I can't live without, and dispatched myself on a voyage of experimental music podcasts and audio books. Fiction seems suddenly important for some reason.

One of the first audio book podcasts I stumbled upon at the iTunes store wound up being an instant favorite. I highly recommend Mike Bennett's Hall of Mirrors series, any of them. I'm particularly fond of the four-part Salvation series, which kept me entertained during my mail-run walks about campus all last week.

Mike, who writes the stores as well as reads them, has a voice that is perfectly suited to the dark yet whimsical nature of the tales he tells. His British accent drips with faux-Dickensian malice and not a little naughty pleasure.

So I offer my thanks to Mr. Bennett. He is a breath of fresh air to someone who's been suffocating on non-fiction talking podcasts for far, far too long, and his stories leave me utterly delighted.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

OK-Ma - BwoyGal (Opolopo Remix)

I have no idea where I stumbled upon this joint, but it's been rockin' steady in my iPod for three solid years. I can't get enough of this song.

Hells yeah.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Caspian - Getting Over EP

In 2004 I made a strong effort to break away from a certain unnamed San Francisco indie dance label, and this involved making a demo. I only made 100 copies, and wound up giving most of them away as promos. The EPs consisted of four jazz and soul infused house gems in the spirit of Naked Music NYC.

I did not wind up landing a deal with another dance music label, but I did wind up with a nice collection of what was to be my last EP before all my gear got ripped off in 2006. Here is the EP for your consideration and enjoyment.

Peace out.

[Update 12/2016: just found the Getting Over remix parts in some old computer files.]

Thursday, June 11, 2009

2008 Halloween Mixtape

This post has been moved to my new dark music / lit blog, Percival Ravenwood, Esq.

The new link for this post is here.

Psychic TV - Tune In (Turn On Thee Acid House)

These are the first two acid house songs I ever heard, and I heard them while I was completely fucked in the mouth, balls-out tripping on high octane acid.

Fuck yeah.

Actually, these were only the first songs that grabbed my attention in what was to be a long night of being glued to the speakers while somebody's mixtape (this was still the 80's) played the most amazing music my young ears had ever heard.

I later learned that these songs -- and all the accompanying Jack The Tab / Tekno Acid Beat tracks -- were just two gems from the prolific Fred Giannelli period in Psychic TV's long history.

I'm proud to recall that fateful night that I made out with a 303 well before 303s were cool (at least in America). It was a little taste of acid during what I now know was the real acid era of electronic music, one I just barely missed.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Don't Flail Me Now

This is the first song I've written and recorded in six years. I'm super thrilled to offer it here as a sneak preview to my annual Halloween mixtape, which will also be posted here in full later this fall.

It's been a blast to write, perform, and record an original song again. I really miss it, since my gear got ripped off a few years back. The simplicity of this piece lent itself nicely to the bare minimum of my voice, a MacBook, and TwistedWave 1.6.

Anyway, I hope this dismal little sonic morsel will whet your appetite for this year's Halloween playlist of horror soon to come.