Thursday, January 15, 2009

Caspian - In My Life (Original & Remix)

It's weird to think that I actually used to get paid to make music back in the day.

In My Life, written and recorded in December 2001 under the name Caspian, was definitely one of my favorite pair of songs to produce. They just fell into place after a six-month dry spell, and the label I was signed to at the time liked them enough to release them.

The pair was featured as a 12” vinyl-only release on Cosmic Flux Records in 2002, and the original version was later released on a Nikki Beach compilation.

Caspian - In My Life.mp3
Caspian - In My Life (Higher & Stronger Mix).mp3

I had turned my back on drum & bass around 2000, and this was (I think) one of my better stabs at 2-step (in the original), and straight-up, San Fransisco-style house music (in the remix).

Good times.

[Update 12/2016: just found the remix parts in some old computer files.]

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