Friday, December 19, 2008

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (DVD Error)

One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you... vomit digital nonsense.

I was watching The Game a few months back when the digital gods blessed me with the happiest of accidents: the DVD began skipping and stuttering uncontrollably towards the end of the film, making the actors sound like extras in a Ninja Tune remix.

The DVD error also happily coincided with the closing credits, thus decimating Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit into a sonic apocalypse. I managed to pick my jaw off the floor long enough to hook my DVD player up to my laptop, record the audio, and capture a miracle.

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (DVD Error).mp3

Now it is available here for you to enjoy. This is the sonic equivalent of finding the image of the Virgin Mary in a cheese sandwich. It's a sign from the digital gods that they are pleased with us and our technology.

Worship the glitch!

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