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iGod Is My God Now

The Two Rings of the Tower Lord (Two Part Trilogy Mix) | You Can't Take Tiger Mountain When Justin Timberlake | Explicit Asian Bukkake Zoo Trannies (Barely Legal Celeb Upskirt) | Barenaked Chicken (Stavros the Wonder Mix)

These are some of the wonderfully surreal track names of the latest iGod offering, Google Search And Destroy. It's an instant classic that takes you quietly around the world and back in 80 weird minutes, and it's what I'm blogging about today.

I first stumbled across iGod on YouTube where I somehow found myself watching the video for Wendy Carlos and the Kubrick Rubric (Shining Orange Mix) (easily the best song on the CD). I listened to a few tracks at the iTunes Store and was instantly hooked. Paying homage to early Orb, Future Sound Of London, and Aphex Twin, iGod offers an unforgettable collection of forgettable vignettes that are new and refreshing on even the tenth listen. Dude also gets kudos for bucking the iTunes system by offering 36 short tracks for $9.99, rendering meaningless the standard $.99 price of each individual song.

iGod forces a much needed and rejuvenated incarnation of culture jamming softly in our faces. He is my temporary cure for the endless ridiculousness of early 21st Century pop culture life, and I hope he never, ever goes away.