Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hey, That's Me On The Radio!

I was hanging out at home listening to Groove Salad on SOMA FM when I heard a familiar sound... the intro to a song I wrote, produced, and recorded in 2000!

The song is Noite Sossegada De Varaeo, and I recorded it under the name Caspian. It was created for a compilation called Virtual Brazilia on Cosmic Flux Musiq, a label I was signed to for a couple of years. Oli, the owner
of the label, wanted me to create a mid-tempo lounge cut with South American vibes, something I had never attempted up until that point.

But the song came out great, Oli loved it, and off it went. I knew that Oli locked down some mechanical deals with indie radio stations, but I hadn't heard my shit on the radio for a while. (I heard another tune of mine from an Om Records release a few years ago on a different radio station.)

Anyway, it was a cool experience. You don't get to hear yourself on the radio every day. This was just as cool as walking into a Barnes & Noble and seeing a CD for sale with one of my songs on it. Awesome.

Also, I heard this song the same day I found out that I aced a calculus quiz and locked in a new apartment. So it was a total rock star day.

Go to my MySpace Music Page to listen to or download the track. Check back tomorrow if you don't see it right away. I just uploaded it, and it takes 24 hours to process.


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